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Back to the Desert

May 04, 2021

Got the crew back together (mostly) for another trip to the desert.

We took it a bit easier than normal, and really spent time enjoying it all. We hiked the canyons, swam in the river, climbed out to the top of the desert and made art camp. I even had time to read three books.

It’s the most beautiful place on Earth.

alt Getting out there

alt Pictographs

alt The green of the cottonwoods against the red canyon walls and blue skies is always mesmerizing

alt Hiking in

alt Ferns of the canyon

alt The crew, minus Bill

alt Spring flowers

alt Bill

alt Stained walls of the main canyon

alt Artwork at camp

alt Complete with a flagpole

alt On our way to the top of the desert

alt Moqui Marbles

alt Andrew

alt Snow in the distance

alt Bill at full speed across the desert rock

alt Lookin’ out

alt Twisted roots

alt Phil

alt A little garden on top of the hill

alt Distorted perception

alt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

alt Curves of the canyon


alt Looking back at the ‘brain’

alt Finding a new path down

alt Layers on layers on layers

alt 📷

alt Evening at camp

alt Into the shadows we go

alt Taking a funky canyon out

alt An alpaca road block

alt They were actually quite friendly

alt Red Rocks Ampitheater?

alt Getting hot out here

Written by Mike Guida who enjoys prolonged outdoor adventures and building stuff with software. Follow him on Twitter