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Getting Outside in February

February 22, 2020

One of the things I’ve really come to appreciate about living in the Northwest is that Winter doesn’t mean most outdoor activities are on hold.

This February has been particularly nice, and I’ve been able to get outdoors a lot - even managing 4 days of climbing outside this month.

Here’s some photos from the last few weeks. I just got a new iPhone, and I’ve been using that instead of my camera. It takes some damn good pictures, but I still need to get my camera out more.

If you would like a print, or full resolution file of any of the images feel free to reach out to me at

alt Ok to be fair this one is January, but we went for a pleasant ride out to Oregon City and around Portland.

alt Afternoon sun at Smith Rock

alt A frosty morning follows a cold night of camping. We stayed warm in the tents, but stepping outside was a different story.

alt Smith Rock in the early light.

alt Night sets in as we head out - we could actually see some stars in the sky while finishing our last climb.

alt Looking good in front of Mt. Hood.

alt Watching ominous storm clouds move in from our vantage point in the sun.

alt Harrison enjoying the sun.

alt My first time on cross country skiis! Definitely something I could get into (somehow I only fell once)

alt Lea and I enjoying the cross country skiing in Bend, OR.

alt The end of an enjoyable sunny day of climbing at Smith Rock!

If you notice a shift in quality for the rest of this post, it’s because these photos were taken by the talented Jay Lee. We went climbing at Ozone in the Gorge after work on Wednesday.

alt Trying to get a grip.

alt Sticking the move.

alt Trying to figure this thing out.

alt Harrison putting the ‘lay’ in belay

Written by Mike Guida who enjoys prolonged outdoor adventures and building stuff with software. Follow him on Twitter