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Janet's Cabin

December 31, 2019

This year I sepnt the holidays with Lea and her family in Colorado.

We went up to a hut above Copper for a few days, where you ski in (or splitboard in my case). It’s great to be able to access backcountry terrain, it opens up a whole new world outside of ski areas.

I tried skiing for the first time up above the hut. Much less frustrating than a splitboard. Somehow I think this was all part of Lea’s grand plan to convert me to a skier, as I bought a used ski setup before leaving Colorado. Guess I’ll be learning to ski now.

If you would like a print, or full resolution file of any of the images feel free to reach out to me at

Taking the ski lift up with our packs

Preparing to skin up to the hut

Beautiful day!

It’s slow going

alt a

Lea with her new glasses and new beacon

Catching snow?

alt y

alt 12

The cabin. It was hard to breath up here, especially living at sea level again.

Veiw from the top

Into the sun

You can see the cabin towards the bottom right, in the trees

What a beautiful place to be

Luke taking some photos

Lea and Marina




The Connors Family


And onward

Being up in the Mountains is always a serene experience


Written by Mike Guida who enjoys prolonged outdoor adventures and building stuff with software. Follow him on Twitter