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North Cascades Backpacking

September 23, 2019

This year for our annual backpacking trip we spent a week in North Cascades National Park. Our route took us through the northern section of the park, down the Chilliwack Valley, up to Whatcom Pass and along the Copper Ridge.

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Map of the route

billy Billy

On the way up to Hannegan Peak

A beautiful trail leads us above the trees

Looking back towards glaciated peaks

The first glimpse of Mt. Shuksan and the Nooksack Ridge

Hiking up Copper Ridge

Looking back over the Chilliwack Valley

Looking down the other side of Whatcom pass

Whatcom Peak

Climbing around on an arm of Whatcom Peak

Heading out towards Challenger Glacier

Challenger Glacier.

A mushroom that looks straight out of a Nintendo game

Andrew enjoying a snack at camp


Dark clouds move past as we come up to Whatcom Pass

Mountain views!

Heading down from Hannegan Peak

Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker from the top of Hannegan Peak

Break time

So much to photograph

Phil heading up the trail

Taking a dive into the lake

Hanging out at Copper Lake

Admiring the view

Whatcom Peak and Challenger Glacier from camp at Copper Lake

Sunrise over the ridge

Alpine lake reflections

Copper lake in the morning as we depart camp

An old USFS fire lookout on Copper Ridge

So peaceful

Mt Shuksan and Mt Baker towering above as we head back.

Written by Mike Guida who enjoys prolonged outdoor adventures and building stuff with software. Follow him on Twitter