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RIP to my Google Photos

June 28, 2024

Well there’s no more images on my site, at least for the time being :(

It’s been a while since I’ve done any housekeeping around here. I’ve updated my reading list from time to time, but haven’t checked in on anything else.

I had been hosting my images on Google Photos since 2018 via a free plan. I lost access to the free Google Photos about a year ago, but didn’t think much of it - I hadn’t been using it much anyways. Not using it except for this blog that is.

So now I have a bunch of broken links and no easy path forward. I have backups of the actual photos, but my blog is littered with links to now non-existent Google Photos. The links only contain a cryptic ID, so it’s going to take time to piece back together which photos go where.

I suppose this is the hard way to learn a lesson about ‘free’ storage. Anyways, it’s probably time to move photos for this site to a better storage system that I control. Yet another project!

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